Adding CRD support

Each entry in this list should be a relative path to a file for custom resource definition (CRD).

The presence of this field is to allow kustomize be aware of CRDs and apply proper transformation for any objects in those types.

Typical use case: A CRD object refers to a ConfigMap object. In a kustomization, the ConfigMap object name may change by adding namePrefix, nameSuffix, or hashing. The name reference for this ConfigMap object in CRD object need to be updated with namePrefix, nameSuffix, or hashing in the same way.

The annotations can be put into openAPI definitions are:

  • “x-kubernetes-annotation”: ""
  • “x-kubernetes-label-selector”: ""
  • “x-kubernetes-identity”: ""
  • “x-kubernetes-object-ref-api-version”: “v1”,
  • “x-kubernetes-object-ref-kind”: “Secret”,
  • “x-kubernetes-object-ref-name-key”: “name”,
kind: Kustomization

- crds/typeA.yaml
- crds/typeB.yaml

Last modified February 4, 2022: Fix order of kustomization section (9202599)