Windows Dev Guide

How to develop on Windows

This is the PowerShell script to run all go tests for Kustomize on a windows based platform which mimics /build/


  • PowerShell installed
    • PowerShell Core is supported
  • go installed
  • golangci-lint installed
  • mdrip installed

This script should output to the current console and return an exit code if all tests are successful(0) or any failed(1).

If you are tryin to run these tests locally you can follow these instructions


  • Running a stock Windows 10 system
  • Local Admin rights.
  • You can open PowerShell as administrator
  • You should be knowledgeable enough to pull source for packages into your GO src directory
    • Yes, this means you also need to know a bit about git usually

Step 1 - Install Go

  • Install Go - please use the msi
    • If you use chocolatey - it’s using the zip not msi and assumptions on where go is located are made for you.

Step 2 - Install Go Packages

  • Open new PowerShell Administrative window
    • Install golangci-lint
      • go get -u
    • Install mdrip
      • go get

You should now be able to issue these commands and see comparable responses

C:\...> golangci-lint --help
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C:\...> mdrip --help
Usage:  C:\_go\bin\mdrip.exe {fileName}...

Step 3 - Get Source and Test

  • In your GoRoot src
    • Example: C:\_go\src
  • Navigate to the Kustomize travis directory
    • Example: C:\_go\src\\kustomize\travis
  • Now Execute:
    • .\Invoke-PreCommit.ps1

This should run all pre-commit tests thus defined in the script.

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